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Shoot for the stars !

Axiom X

Axiom X is a collection of 10,000 diverse passes building an unstoppable community. You will have access to the Axiom Club and our metaverse allowing you to join VIP events and special rewards like airdrops. As a holder you will be able to take an active part in the project development ! To enter the spaceport, join our discord server and follow our twitter. Hold on tight get ready for launch !

Whats it’s all about ?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…
Hm hmm ! Not the one you're thinking about !
In the ESO-725 galaxy. The situation on Terra has become critical. For several years things have been getting worse and worse. People of Terra didn’t manage to improve the situation. Due to sudden climate changes and critical increase of natural disasters. Access to certain resources has become very complicated. Indeed, many countries have adapted a protectionist policy and stopped sending their raw material to dependent countries. This situation led to diplomatic tension between these states ! Armed conflicts are now threatening the lives of millions of people. Someone has to save humanity from itself !

It's time to leave...

Phase 1

Project launch
(October 2021)

First we had to imagine and create the Axiom X collection ! Then we brought together all the Avengers to make it happen !

Creation of NFTs
(November 2021)

To bring these NFT to life Minima, the artist, spent several weeks creating the right graphical environment for the collection. The 2D plans now completed, it was time to bring them to life in 3D. Bogdan built the NFTs in 3D and sent them to production !

Comic book crafting
(March 2022)

We are currently working with a very talented illustrator and a scriptwriter in order to produce the first “Axiom X, Tells from a space Odyssey” comic book. The goal with this comic is to dive deep in Axiom X world. We want people to discover our creation and our universe !

Reveal of the project

Now that crafting is finished it was time to start teasing the project on social networks. Twitter accounts was then made public so everybody can enjoy the art !

Discord Opening

Join the spaceport, it's the best way to keep up with the project and meet other Xplorers !

Join Discord

Launch of the

We are currently implementing the whitelist system. People in the whitelist will have early access to the mint !

Phase 2


Whitelist members will be able to mint first. Then public sale will open. Everybody will be able to mint a pass. Remember there are only 10,000 passes and you can only mint one per wallet. You gotta be quick !

Axiom Club

When you buy an Axiom Pass, you're not simply getting a JPEG, you officially enters the Axiom Club.

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Phase 3


Our designer are putting in the work to create awesome piece of clothing for you to enjoy.


The first volume of “Axiom X, Tells from a space Odyssey” comic book will be released in Q4 2022. Front cover of volume 1 of the comic is already available here.


Axiom Club

When you buy an Axiom Pass, you're not simply getting a JPEG, you officially enters the Axiom Club. It's the key that grant you access to an exclusive world wide club whose benefits and offerings will increase overtime. Your Axiom Pass is your exclusive key to open web3 doors.


Take part in the project development.


Airdrop of the limited edition comic.


Access to our partners whitelist.


Access to limited edition merch.


Xplorers exclusive shop

Access to exclusive Axiom Merch to show the world that you are an Xplorer.


Concept art and 3D craft work will be made available for purchase only for Xplorers. More items will release for non Xplorers to increase public brand awarness.

Axiom X fashion brands

Bring our creations to a mainstream audience through collaboration with famous brands.



Community Manager


Web Developer


Art Director


Marketing Advisor


Security Engineer


Community Manager


What is Axiom X ?
Axiom X is a collection of 10,000 Axiom Passes.
A unique digital collectible living on the Solana Blockchain.
It doubles as your exclusive web3 key.
Allowing you to access the Axiom Club and all benefits it has to offer.
They will unlock through roadmap progress.

About the team ?
The team is made of 6 members who work every day on the project.
All team members work on the project on a daily basis. They also have extra occupations. Mahel is working on a PhD in crypto security, Spirit makes cognac and sells it globally. Bogdan and Ash run businesses. Minima is an independent artist. Neqz is a NFT Expert and community manager.

How to join the whitelist ?
We are giving away whitelist spot on twitter and discord !
Click here to join the spaceport.

What about the mint ?
Date : TBA.
Price : TBA.
Lanchpad platform : TBA.
Mint limit per wallet : 1.
Supply : 10,000.

Secondary market
Yes there is gonna be a secondary market and it will be announced soon.

How to contact the team ?
DM one of our crew member on discord.
We will answer ASAP.


You are the center of this brand, a true ambassador ! Let's build together the greatest sci-fi brand on web3. Every single day the community helps us building this project. Spread the word on Twitter. It's almost time ! We all going to space #WAGS. Join us on this crazy journey to Mars, sit down, relax and get ready for take off.


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Spirit note

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